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Video has proven to be the most effective channel for company branding and improving sales. Since it came into mainstream just 5 years ago, still it is maintaining its upward trend at an impressive rate. Popular websites which share videos to audiences, such as Youtube, are rapidly becoming the norm online.

As a method to attract more visitors and preferably more customers to their website, numerous companies, perhaps some of your industry competitors, are utilizing video marketing. These videos can appear in more than a few different types, including:

  • Viral advertising and marketing video clips which are uploaded by means of social media channels (i.e. YouTube)
  • Video ads tactically positioned on related, heavily visited sites
  • Video advertisements prominently on their web site emphasizing their firm's services/information
  • Educational clips positioned on the company's site which presents the prospects with complimentary info as a means of helping to maintain this group of clients returning to their website
  • Along with a lot of additional techniques putting videos advantageously in the view of their targeted prospects.

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Additional Facts About Videos on the Internet

  • 1. 60% of Internet traffic is generated by consumers who are watching videos online.
  • 2. YouTube , the second largest search engine, has a whopping 6 billion videos being viewed daily and averages 100 million unique visitors every day.
  • 3. Almost 70% of the leading 50 online retailers have videos on their websites.
  • 4. After someone watches an online video advertisement, close to 5 out of 10 viewers, take some type of action; such as browsing to the company's website, seeking to buy the item/service or for further information.
  • 5. Reports estimate that around $4.3 billion will be spent due to online video marketing in 2011.
  • 6. The New York times reports that 7 out of 10 internet users view online videos
  • 7. In August 2011, market research firm comScore, reports that Google's YouTube.com, ranked as the number one online video content property in August with 162 million unique viewers, while VEVO came in number two with 62.3 million. Facebook.com held onto is #3 position with 51.7 million viewers .

"As You Can See Online Video Marketing Is Something You Need"

Video advertising or marketing is without doubt one of the strongest strategies you can utilize for your business with today's technology. Get into the game and be a part of a very effective marketing medium. It's one of the fastest growing rare events we have ever seen and you need to get in on it quickly before it leaves you behind!