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Social media marketing, which consists of largely popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc, are used to connect potential and existing customers for the purpose of creating a business relationship among similar thinking individuals.

It has proven to be a powerful marketing strategy that is increasing constantly. Additionally, these websites are very popular in keeping in contact with friends and family members. The objective is to bring in additional traffic to your website by using social media sites whereby you can share photos, videos and make comments on a number of subjects. A higher amount of traffic typically indicates more sales or more profit.

social media marketing

Moreover, since you are communicating with similar minded people who are genuinely interested in the topic, it is a form of target advertising as these then introduce your service or product to others who may be interested in a viral type fashion. A viral distribution of your information is a lot easier via social media and will result in a larger customer base.

Social Media Websites

Since the popularity of this medium of marketing has been increasing nonstop, it should not be an eyebrow raiser that a plethora of social media websites has grown on the internet. Regardless of what the subject matter is about, there is a group created that focuses on it, whether it is new dog owners group or a group of people interested in exotic cars like a Lamborghini and so forth. The type of website one would select for a specific subject will ultimately be inserted into broader categories, to be precise;

  • Business focused sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Ryze, and so on for business related groups
  • Informal social sites like Twitter, Youtube, and MySpace for broader subject matter of popular interest and casual communication, and