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What Are The Reasons To Have A Mobile Website?

You only need to ask yourself how many times have you accessed a website from your Smart Phone? Now, count the number of times you were irritated when you were not able to reach certain parts of the site or basic viewing was difficult due to it not being mobile compliant? There's a big reason right there.

Another important reason is a mobile web site has a different purpose than does your traditional website seen by viewers online. The typical mobile online browsing session is under five minutes as compared to 55 plus minutes on a desktop or laptop based from a report by Nielsen Net Ratings.

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A person using a mobile internet session is hardly ever simply "surfing for pleasure"; these people have a defined objective with their browsing; There is no need for bells and whistles and fancy design, just the info that they need, served up quickly and easily to access a document , a service, or possibly go to their preferred store to make an order online. Therefore, a mobile web site must not waste time with things that are not important, and needs to only show pertinent content the user was seeking. A fragment of that content could be identical as what is on the original website, but elements are specific for mobile users. The information has to additionally be offered in the appropriate arrangement for a mobile users.

To put it in the proper perspective, your traditional website would be much like a supermarket, while your mobile site is your 24 hour mom & pop store with limited items. The goal for any website is to give the surfer the most appropriate content and to achieve that you must understand your customers.

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Why You Should Get a Mobile Website Now!

My website already comes up on searches with smart phones.
OK, but can they read & navigate it easily?

How likely is it that consumers will pay for your services or product from their smart phone if your website is not smart phone compliant?

Many websites look very nice on a desktop PC or laptop. The same website viewed on a smart phone is very annoying

Quick Smart Phone Facts

  • 79% of consumers are comfortable making a purchase on a smart phone

  • Daily internet usage with handheld devices increased from 29% in 2009 to 43% at the end of 2010

  • In 2010, 63% owned an Internet enabled phone

  • • By January 2014: 85% of all cellular phones will be smart phones

  • • 130 million new Smart Phones are bought each year in the U.S.